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Enjoy San Juan in Malaga with fireworks

Like every year at this time, and begin preparations for the summer on the eve [...]

Ideas for holding communions

We have already entered the month par excellence of communions, May, taking advantage of many [...]

Original Easter celebrations

With the arrival point of the next Easter, from Pyro Party we are going to [...]

Parade and Carnival Rides Fun guaranteed!

If there is something we know how to do well in Spain, it is to [...]

The best plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Malaga

Without a doubt, Valentine is one of the most special days throughout the year for [...]

Los mejores fuegos artificiales de Año Nuevo

Every December 31, a common phenomenon occurs throughout the world that is undoubtedly unique and [...]

Better plans if you don’t know what to do this Christmas in Malaga

Christmas is undoubtedly one of those special times in which there are a multitude of [...]

The pyrotechnics categories you should know before buying firecrackers this Christmas

Pyrotechnic articles are classified in different modalities since they contain materials that can be dangerous [...]

News of Pyrotechnics 2018 in Pyroparty

NEWS OF PIROTECNIA 2018 IN PYROPARTY As every year, from Pyroparty we want to offer [...]

The best firecrackers in Malaga for this Christmas

Christmas is a very special time, and especially of customs. As every year, the family [...]

News and schedule of the lighting of the Christmas lighting of Malaga 2018

This year, one of the most illustrious and well-known scenes of Malaga’s Christmas will be [...]

The best black friday deals in fireworks

BLACK FRIDAY IN PYROPARTY On Friday, November 23, Black Friday or also called “Black Friday” [...]