News of Pyrotechnics 2018 in Pyroparty


As every year, from Pyroparty we want to offer you the best pyrotechnic products on the market. To do this, we work hard to find the best pyrotechnics news of this year 2018 and that we teach you below, so that this year more than ever you can throw the best firecrackers in Malaga during the Christmas holidays.

Cheroki XXL – € 5.99

One of the classics that reinvent themselves in their largest size. The Cheroki XXL is a thunder of the most powerful on the market with a hole wick. It is a waterproof firecracker. The box of 5 units is priced at € 10 although this year in Pyroparty we have reduced it to € 5.99 so you can enjoy this great novelty.

Mini Hurricanes – € 3.99

Discover the cylinders that rise by making a helical turn and end their journey with an explosion with color effect. Take advantage of the great offer of Pyroparty and get a box of 6 units for € 3.99

Hurricanes – € 4.99

The older brothers of the Mini Hurricanes are one of the best novelties of fireworks this Christmas. They make a rapid ascent by making a helical turn and ends with a cracker palm. Each box includes 3 units.

Megatroner Pack – € 25.99

A pack that will delight many pyrotechnics fans this Christmas. If you are looking for firecrackers for New Year’s Eve with those who surprise your friends. The Megatroner pack includes 30 Boomy, 20 Boomax and 10 SuperBoom. You are ready? The Megatroner pack is worth € 37.00 but you can find it in our store for € 25.99.

Candela Wand 20 Balls – € 2

Discover the amazing candles of 20 balls with which to give light and color to your pyrotechnics nights. The wands make the output of 20 balls of red and green at high altitude. Enjoy now the special offer of 12 Candles for € 10

Super XXL Thunder Rockets – € 15.99

And we finalize our list with the best Pyroparty 2018 pyrotechnics novelties with national rockets that rise to a very high height leaving a golden trail, and at the end of their tour they produce a bomb-type explosion. Is there anything better to end your party in style?

With Pyro Party you have it much simpler, you just have to visit us at C / Alcalde Díaz Zafra, 35 and you can see a wide range of pyrotechnics. We will wait for you.

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