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The loudest sound of nature. Pyroparty thunder produce a detonation of strong intensity. In our catalog of pyrotechnics (2017-2018) you can find thunder of fireworks for everyone. They come in colors, stars, with whistles, water resistant …

What are the thunder of fireworks?
Pyrotechnic thunder are a type of pyrotechnics that usually occurs in a tube generally made of cardboard which is filled powder or other explosive, exploding that create a strong sound, even greater than that produced by normal firecrackers. PyroParty thunder represent high power. ‘Do not miss the Rompevigas !! ‘ They produce an impressive type bomb explosion only suitable for real pyrofiesteros !! If you are thinking of buying thunder for your party, you can find them in your store firecrackers in Malaga confidence.

Where to buy thunders in Málaga
If you are looking to buy explosives thunder in Malaga, do not hesitate and take a look at the best firecrackers in Malaga in our extensive catalog. With more than a dozen varieties of all types, with different types of detonations.

If you are strong emotions, we recommend you try your first purchase of thunder of fireworks, we suggest you try the thunder manufacturing Che nacioanl Q Tro with a level of detonating 10 out of 10.

* Remember that all Pyroparty catalog Firecrackers are pyrotechnic products of category II, so that can only be used by people over 16 years.

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