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The firecrackers are the best known of every great party, that unmistakable sound of a firecracker is usually the starting point of the Fallas, San Juan or New Year.

Firecrackers have been designed to create a loud noise when ignited. When the firecracker is lit, the gunpowder ignites and creates a loud explosion. Firecrackers are often used during celebrations and festivals, such as New Year's Eve, but in other parts of the world they are commonly seen on the night of July 4th in the U.S. or with the start of the Chinese New Year.

Firecrackers can also be dangerous if is not used correctly. To avoid injury, it is important to follow some basic safety precautions. First, always light firecrackers outdoors in a clear area. Second, never attempt to relight a firecracker that has already been used. Finally, be sure to dispose of spent firecrackers properly. There are different categories of firecrackers depending on their size and the amount of gunpowder they contain. The largest and most powerful category is known as class F3 explosives. The smallest firecrackers belong to the F1 class category.

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