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Comprar Firecrackers

The Boom of your party, the unmistakable sound of a firecracker is often the starting point for any holiday. Las Fallas, San Juan, Christmas … Firecrackers are the symbol of many of our parties. PyroParty is a certified store firecrackers for sale, and from here we want to encourage you to firecrackers signify the “starting gun” for your party.

What are firecrackers?
Caps are a type of pyrotechnics that usually occurs in a tube generally made of cardboard which is filled powder or other explosive. PyroParty firecrackers stand out for its power and quality of materials used for construction, always betting on the highest quality. Do not hesitate and enjoy a good party, for that you can buy firecrackers in Malaga, your trusted store.

Types of firecrackers
Firecrackers can be classified according to their power, and may establish different categories:

Level 1: Firecrackers low intensity such as bomblets.

Level 2: crackers medium intensity have to be used outdoors, such as firecrackers mini Frankis, mini pirates.

Level 3: Firecrackers characterized by a strong detonation, as in the case of: supernipones, Cherokees, among others.

Are you looking to buy firecrackers in Malaga?
Do not hesitate and take a look at the best firecrackers in Malaga in our extensive catalog. With more than a dozen varieties of all types, with different types of detonations.

Do not stop the fun, we say in Pyroparty. With our firecrackers you also want the thunder of firecrackers pyrotechnics in our store Málaga stops. With Pyroparty you can enjoy the best selection of firecrackers in your party when you want.

* Remember that all Pyroparty catalog Firecrackers are pyrotechnic products of category II, so that can only be used by people over 16 years.

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