Enjoy San Juan in Malaga with fireworks

Like every year at this time, and begin preparations for the summer on the eve of San Juan, with the arrival of the summer solstice, in which the shortest night of the year takes place. And how could it be otherwise, it is time to celebrate in style. BBQs, fireworks, flying lanterns, and much more await you in a single night that will take place this Sunday, June 23.

Celebration of San Juan in Málaga

This festival is well known throughout our country. There are many ways to celebrate this day but in most of them the fire and lights used. It is traditional to ignite bonfires of San Juan and, with the arrival of the fireworks at twelve midnight, take a dip in the sea. Superstitious also hold the belief, taking advantage of the magic of that night and the fireworks, you have to get in the water and make wishes for the rest of the year.

Equally traditional is the custom of making rag dolls placed on pallets and wood structures, stuffed paper or sawdust, to burn in the fires that night. Particularly in Málaga, these dolls are called “júas” and often represent a popular character featured this year, which burns at twelve.

Artificiales fires in San Juan 2019

Another essential element is magical evening are the  fireworks . Always help to create an image that provides a charming and fascinating spell during the summer solstice. Also from recent years, increasing use is more used  flying lanterns  which are released into the air at midnight and those who wish can also ask. The stamp will be precious for those assistants who make an appointment on the beaches of Málaga to enjoy the Noche de San Juan 2019.

For these reasons, San Juan is a perfect night to find a safe place where you can enjoy firecrackers we offer in Pyroparty. In our shop you will find them for all ages and all tastes

Buy firecrackers to San Juan in Málaga

If you have fun looking for a more economical price, we have many categories of firecrackers for less than 10 euros. For example, the  Zombies are one of the most cheap firecrackers purchased at our  store fireworks in Malaga , because only 4’99 €’ll have a box with 20 of these devices that detonate with an explosion.

The  Traca 160 Super Eagles. As good fireworks, it produces a chain reaction that makes your HUNDRED SIXTY PETARDOS break out continuously, also for less than 5 euros. With it, you’ll think for a moment that folks are immersed in full fault.

The  parachutes  are the most fun, especially for those who enjoy flying and lighting effects. These firecrackers, which are sold in boxes of two, flying high in the sky before exploding. In addition, also they released a parachute truly the trigger, with strong red and green lights.

Finally if you already want to end the night in style, the  Cheroki XXL  is your choice.  Real champions fuss and give a sound like no other. In short, this box 20 thunder will place on the podium of the pyrofiesteros. And all for 9’99 €.

To know all the possibilities we can offer fun stop by our website  https://www.tienda.pyroparty.es/es/  or come and meet us at our physical store in C / Alcalde Diaz Zafra 35, 29006 Malaga.

Always remember to enjoy firecrackers in a secure environment and the security measures that we have recommended on other blogs and in this case, also be sure to stay AWAY FROM THE FIRES.

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