Ideas for holding communions

We have already entered the month par excellence of communions, May, taking advantage of many families will be finalizing the details of this beautiful celebration, we will give some tips to make it even more memorable and with a finale that will surprise everyone.

Preparation of communions

In the process of organizing this festivity parents usually consider a number of factors, including the date, the location of the banquet, clothing … all to turn this day into a unique moment for their young and small.

Issues such as invitations that will get the guests and the details with which they regale the audience, have an almost infinite variety of options to develop the originality and personality of the child. Although, there are also more traditional alternatives like downloadable templates or include a photo as a reminder of the day.

Nor do we forget the choice of cake and decoration which will have to place the celebration followed the ceremony.

We know they are wearisome aspects by the time it takes to make the decision, so, from  Pyroparty  we collaborate with some ideas for entertainment and originality are secured in the celebration of First Holy Communion.

Decoration party and communions

In Pyroparty we have everything you need to complete and hit with an original, full festival of lights and colors for a day long awaited for small as her Communion.

The site chosen to celebrate, to be jovial and cheerful, you can  decorate it with our helium balloons, candles  and other items for parties we can offer.

You can entertain holding elements as entertaining and traditional small as  pistols and serpentine confetti cannons.  We also have current products such as colored smoke bombs to use to the outdoors, creating an ideal environment to take pictures and videos fun and original.

For seniors can also enjoy accompanying small, they can use lots. The you can find in our physical store and on our website.

We can offer special items for children (with more than 150 units in its interior and a  wide variety as children flares stars, pistols serpentine, smoke bombs …) so that everyone can enjoy the party for less than 20 euros; We also offer complete lots with all kinds of items of Light and Thunder (with firecrackers, flares, batteries, etc) for the whole family in our  Pirobox Family  for less than 80 euros.

If you want to end the celebration in a more relaxed way, you can give your guests the option to launch the famous  lanterns flying , latest trend at parties, in a wide range of colors, they create an image to remember when you are thrown into the fall night.

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