Origin and history of the Fallas of Valencia

The origin of Fallas, according to the popular version, led to a tradition begun by the guild of carpenters that burned on the eve of the day of its patron, San Jose, chips and other leftover debris in a purifying fire as precedent at the beginning of spring. Therefore, in the eighteenth century, Fallas bonfires were reduced to combustible materials burned dusk eve of San José.

Evolution in the history of failures

failures in the form of bonfires made of leftover materials without any form or planned design were evolving and filled social sense, with criticism in a very original way, showing especially in the Fallas monuments scenes that reproduced social facts objectionable using sense of humor and irony.

In evolution,  pyrotechnics failures  has remained as one of the basic and essential elements of the Valencian parties and its origins date back to the times of the Muslim presence in Valencian territories and the program of events of the Fallas gives special prominence to the  shows fireworks.

Another typical events that marked the  history of failures  on this date as indicated is the ” despertà ” in which you wake up the neighborhood hundreds of firecrackers exploding early in the morning. Falleros take to the streets, even at dawn, armed with firecracker indigenous style called ” tro bac ” which lacks mecha and exploits being thrown to the ground, causing a very loud noise.

The history of failures in recent years

Welcoming the long awaited spring, Valencia odor of flowers and gunpowder for more than a million visitors from around the world who roam the city with typical fallero atmosphere of music bands and more than 700 Fallas monuments .

During the Fallas, the powder acquires a greater reputation that has its climax in the  Mascletá , explain very briefly what is the most traditional event of the Fallas: gets its name from masclets (firecrackers great sound power) joined by a wick. These are usually subject to medium height hanging ropes or raised using guns.

In contrast to the  fireworks  seeking visual stimulation, mascletades aim to stimulate the body through rhythmic loud noises masclets, some consider these “musical” noises, while not forget the visual part. It begins when the faller in Valencia given the order to the pyrotechnical that mascletá can start with the phrase: “senyor pirotécnic, pot començar mascletá”.

This usually has a duration of approximately 5 to 7 minutes, depending on the amount of powder that has been used. From day 1 to March 19, at 14:00 hours, thousands of people are in the Town Hall Square to enjoy this spectacle of noise, smoke and color.

On the night of 18 to March 19, as a prelude and beginning of the great day of the Fallas takes place the “Nit de Foc” (Night of Fire). An exceptional combination of lights, colors and explosions for nearly half an hour, in which a single firework display takes place.

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