Original Easter celebrations

With the arrival point of the next Easter, from Pyro Party we are going to show some original celebrations in which fireworks or pyrotechnics are used to announce the arrival or dismissal of this important festival for the Catholic world.


We started with the city of Valencia, where various types of this type of celebrations takes place, let’s talk about which is celebrated in the streets of  Sagunto . Their celebrations are declared of National Tourist Interest and end with a  fireworks display  at midnight on Saturday to Easter Sunday.

Another celebration unique highlight in our related country with pyrotechnics at Easter, is to Trespaderne, to the north of the province of  Burgos , where the nocturnal procession of the Meeting of the Sabbath is given, and produced the  “Burning The Judas “ . Young people made puppets from cardboard and straw to simulate this famous character biblical, inside each figure that plays Judas contain hundreds of firecrackers that pop when all are in the center of the town. It’s when the fireworks display, light is produced and deafening sound

Other celebrations with fireworks at Easter

We spent our borders and arrived in  Italy , where celebrations are also reproduced curious and visited related to fireworks and Easter.

The most peculiar of these festivities is  “the explosion of the truck in Florence” , which takes place every Easter Sunday, which symbolizes Florentines omen for peace and forgiveness. It is an event that attracts many tourists and is popularly known as “Scoppio of the car.”

It is an ancient celebration dating back to the time of the First Crusade, conducted to rescue the Holy Sepulcher from the hands of the infidels. Eventually, it led to the Easter custom of addressing the cathedral and light a candle of Holy Fire, ignition sparks friction of three stones.

Currently there are six white oxen pulling a carriage built in 1679, loaded with fireworks and escorted by a hundred musicians and soldiers to Florence Cathedral. Once there, a rocket that lights the fuse of the car containing pyrotechnics real fire show is where it starts.

And last but not least, did not want to forget the custom in Rome to celebrate Easter Monday enjoying a picnic and admire the castle San’t Angelo extraordinary spectacle of fireworks over the river Tiber . A sight to witness.

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