The pyrotechnics categories you should know before buying firecrackers this Christmas

Pyrotechnic articles are classified in different modalities since they contain materials that can be dangerous if they are not used in the proper manner and prescribed in the instructions of each of the pyrotechnic devices. Today we show you the different categories of pyrotechnics that currently exist and that the Ministry of Interior itself regulates so that there is a control on the sale and use of these pyrotechnic products and that it also serves as a guide to know in which places they can be used to That does not pose a risk to other people.


First of all, it is important to note that the manufacturer is responsible for categorizing pyrotechnic articles, according to their use, their purpose or their level of danger, including their sound level. Therefore, distributors, such as Pyroparty in this case, can only advise and show the different categorization of pyrotechnic articles.

Classification of pyrotechnics categories

Pyrotechnic items:

Category F1: are those pyrotechnic items that are considered to be of very low danger and insignificant noise level intended to be used in delimited areas, including those pyrotechnic devices that are intended to be used within residential buildings.

Category F2: pyrotechnics devices of low danger and low noise intended to be used outdoors in delimited areas.

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Category F3: medium-dangerous pyrotechnic devices intended to be used outdoors in large areas and whose noise level is not harmful to human health.

Category F4: Fireworks intended for exclusive use by experts, also referred to as “pyrotechnic devices for professional use” and whose noise level is not harmful to human health, are considered highly hazardous. This category includes objects for exclusive use for the manufacture of pyrotechnic devices.

Pyrotechnic articles intended for use in theaters.

Category T1: low danger pyrotechnic articles for use on stage.

Category T2: are those pyrotechnic articles used exclusively by experts, but their use is limited to that which can be given in one for use on a stage.

Other pyrotechnic items:

Category P1: any pyrotechnic article that is not a pyrotechnic device or a pyrotechnic article intended for use in theaters and that presents a low danger.

Category P2: any pyrotechnic article that is not a pyrotechnic device or a pyrotechnic article intended for use in theaters and that should be handled or used exclusively by experts. This category includes regulated materials, objects that can be used in the manufacture of articles of various categories and semi-finished products that are marketed between manufacturers. Likewise, anti-hail rockets are included in this category.

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