The best firecrackers in Malaga for this Christmas

Christmas is a very special time, and especially of customs. As every year, the family tradition of pyrotechnics returns, the nights of flares, fountains and smoke bombs return. Essentially, Christmas Eve and December 31st are usually the most special for everyone and we like to celebrate big time. For this reason, we want you to have the best selected items from our store.

But obviously, as you know pyrotechnics is a hobby that must be taken very carefully and always relying on experts such as Pyroparty. Are you ready to know the best firecrackers in Malaga this Christmas?


Christmas Eve is undoubtedly that family reunion day par excellence. For the night of December 24 we suggest you enjoy them with family and friends with the following firecrackers:

Candelas: Ideal for special nights, where the interesting thing is that the little ones of the house enjoy watching the show. Candles are Category II pyrotechnics products, so you can only buy them and use them older than 16 years.

Sources: Suppliers of sparks, stars or colored lights for the little ones . The sources of pyrotechnics are par excellence one of the most used firecrackers in Malaga on Christmas Eve. There are them from high-rise fountains to long-lasting sources with whistles. We have Class I, II and III pyrotechnics sources


To welcome the new year, you have to express it in style! And in terms of pyrotechnics, this cannot mean anything other than: Freckles, batteries and thunder. In our firecracker shop in Malaga you will find everything you were looking for. From Pyroparty we recommend:

Thunder : The loudest sound of nature. Pyroparty’s thunder produces a detonation of strong intensity. In our catalog you can find thunder pyrotechnics for all tastes. There are colors, stars, whistles, water resistant …

Batteries: No doubt the batteries will be the real boom of your party! In Pyroparty we have batteries that make numerous shots with different effects of color, cracker and height, depending on the class. If you are really looking for a unique experience, do not miss the opportunity to shine in the New Year with the Colosus battery

If you are looking for other accessories for Christmas parties, you can have a great time with our firecrackers for cigarettes or confetti cannons, an absolutely fun way to celebrate the entrance to 2018. In our party products you can find everything. Whether you want to decorate your home for the New Year, or buy cotillion bags , in Pyroparty we have it. As we have already said, we are party enthusiasts, so we know what you need.

Get now the best firecrackers in Malaga this Christmas in Pyroparty. Visit us at C / Alcalde Díaz Zafra, 35 and you will see a wide range of pyrotechnics.

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