News and schedule of the lighting of the Christmas lighting of Malaga 2018

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This year, one of the most illustrious and well-known scenes of Malaga’s Christmas will be repeated: The lighting of the Christmas Lights will be released on Friday, November 30. In addition, on Larios Street, the light and sound show of recent years will be repeated. As a novelty, the people from Malaga who attend the party will be able to interact with the music since 10,000 light bars will be distributed.


As a curiosity this year will have as a novelty that after several years being celebrated on the same day as Black Friday with which the Christmas shopping was kicked off, this year the tradition will be broken. Even so, as every year, thousands of Malaga residents and visitors from other provinces will attend the spectacular lighting of the Christmas lights of Malaga 2018.

Lighting schedules and music of Malaga 2018

This year and seen the success of previous years, the town hall has programmed for three light passes so that all interested parties can enjoy it. On this occasion the passes will be held at 6.30 p.m., 8 p.m. and 9.30 p.m. In addition, the passes will be livened up with songs from ‘Rondo veniziano-Zodiaco’, ‘Rondo veneziano-Music fancy’, ‘Villancico altozano’, by Café Quijano and ‘Things of Christmas’, children’s songs by Raúl Charlo.

Lighting sched How to enjoy the lighting of Christmas lighting in Malaga

The first thing is to warn you that thousands of people come every year to see the Christmas lighting for the first time, so we recommend that, if you want to take a good place you go ahead with time, and so you can look for a good hole in the Plaza de the Constitution. This enclave is special, since you can enjoy not only the Christmas lighting of Malaga 2018 but also every year there is live music and you can see in the first person the lighting of the Christmas tree.

What’s new in Malaga Christmas lighting 2018

As every year, some new features are incorporated to make even more special Christmas lighting in Malaga. This year and with less than a week to open the Christmas lighting in the city, we have known that the Plaza de la Constitución will have the presence of a Christmas tree that can be accessed and viewed from within. In addition, it will be a spectacle to observe the Christmas tree that has been installed in the Plaza de la Marina, since it has a new LED technology system that will also allow you to represent Christmas motifs.ules and music of Malaga 2018

As every year, the lighting begins the Christmas season in the city, but it would not be the same without the particular firecrackers in Malaga that give light and color on such marked dates.

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