The best black friday deals in fireworks


On Friday, November 23, Black Friday or also called “Black Friday” will be held, and with it, the starting point is given to Christmas shopping, where in addition to Pyro Party, you can find Black Friday offers in pyrotechnics. This day, every year more popular among Spanish consumers, is a long-awaited day because great discounts are offered on products that have already been previously looked at. It is a great day to go out and celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season with two of the most typical activities of this time that is coming: the search for gifts for loved ones and, another equally traditional, buy firecrackers for the Festive times approaching.




Actually, Black Friday is a concept that was created across the pond, in the United States. It was the name given the day after the Thanksgiving holiday, (which is always the fourth Thursday of November). With Thanksgiving, Americans begin to prepare for the arrival of Christmas, and that is why this Black Friday is the traditional day on which Christmas shopping began, in order to get the best deals.




It is really not very clear the first time the term of Black Friday was used, it is said that it was a Philadelphia policeman in the early 60s who named the following Thanksgiving day as the “black Friday” to describe the rise of the Traffic on the streets of the big cities, as citizens were attracted to all sales and offers of Christmas gifts.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Black Friday sales had become a popular tradition, and that some retailers used to open a little earlier, and thus get ahead of the competition.

People formed queues overnight to get the best deals and discounts, and when the doors opened, madness broke loose. The videos and stories of people who fight and step on each other to get promotions on televisions, video game consoles and other products, would soon also become part of this Black Friday tradition.



However, with Pyro Party you have it much simpler, you just have to visit us at C / Alcalde Díaz Zafra, 35 and you can see a wide Black Friday offer in pyrotechnics, where your safety (and your dignity) will never be in danger:

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