Where to see the fireworks of the Malaga fair


“It already smells like a fair, what a ole, it already smells like a fair” Amigos de Gines sang in his famous Seville. In the case that concerns us, it is not that of April but the Malaga Fair that is just around the corner. August 15 begins, to be exact. It will be at 00:00 when the pyrotechnic show will start from the Port of Malaga that will open the 2019 fair.

For this year, more than 1.2 tons of pyrotechnic material have been prepared, with which an 18-minute pyrotechnic and musical show will be held. Ricasa, one of the largest pyrotechnics companies in the world, will be responsible for the preparation and implementation of the show.

As good connoisseurs of the city and best fans of fireworks, in Pyroparty we give you some recommendations and places where you are going to see the pyrotechnic show that will start a week of joy, party, dance … and sweet wine . Here we show you where to see those fireworks in Malaga.

Gibralfaro viewpoint

The most romantic and photographed spot in the city is a great place to see the pyrotechnic show that serves as the starting gun of the Fair. Although the fires are at twelve at night, you must go much earlier, since it is one of the most frequented areas on those occasions by Malaga and visitors. You can also book a table at the Parador de Gibralfaro, which will offer you great views of the fireworks.

La Coracha

The steps and ramps of the old neighborhood of La Coracha are also an ideal place for those who do not have the lungs necessary to climb Gibralfaro. This place is also perfect for listening to the music of the show that comes after the hand of Chambao. On the other hand, thanks to its proximity to the center of Malaga, you can live a special night of fireworks and a welcome party to the Fair.

Malagueta Beach

Must see place for those who later want to enjoy music. The closest and, of course, the one with the most crowds. It is a meeting point for younger Malaga residents and those who want to live fireworks up close.

Misericordia Beach

Huelin beach is a good place to see fires without complications. Of course, much further. Although the presence of cranes can break the aesthetics of the fireworks show, they can give the original touch in the photos.

The ferris wheel of the port

What better to see this exhibition from above. An impressive panoramic view of the port will allow visitors to this attraction to have an unforgettable memory. Let’s not forget that the ferris wheel offers reduced price to residents in Malaga.

La Farola, in the port

The right place for photographers. The fires in conjunction with the lighthouse will make an excellent photographic composition. Not surprisingly, many people come there every year to see the opening of the Malaga Fair.

Antonio Banderas Boardwalk

Like the beach of Misericordia, this area of ​​Huelin is perfect for those who do not want to encounter much hustle and bustle. Beach bars and bars nearby can substantially improve the viewing of fires, so it is not an option to rule out. Of course, it is far from the city center.

El Palo Beach

We cannot leave the district of Málaga Este behind. Smaller fires are visible from this point of the Bay of Malaga, but we can enjoy them in full and with the minimum possible noise.

A boat

The choice that few make but that many would want. Throwing into the sea to see the fires, its reflection in the water, the illuminated city … is an incomparable experience. Therefore, more and more people make the effort to embark to spend a night they will never forget.

Park Walk

A classic for those who do not want to miss the fires or the subsequent party in the center of Malaga. Although trees and people can hinder your viewing, it is a very important option to consider if you want to live to the fullest of the start of the Fair.

As you can see, there are many places from where you can look up and witness the pyrotechnic exhibition that begins the Malaga Fair. If you also want to start or give the finishing touch to a private celebration, contact us. In Pyroparty we offer special packages for pyrotechnic shows. All so you don’t have to worry about anything and your only obligation is to enjoy a unique night.

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