What to do with used firecrackers

After the Christmas and New Year holidays, we have many sequels. Swollen bellies, occasional hangover, purposes for the new year … and many times, leftover firecrackers. In these cases, it is best to consider what to do with them.

Used firecrackers are sometimes a problem that we don’t have too much in mind. Although its effectiveness has been greatly reduced, it is best that we continue to exercise caution with its handling. Therefore, in Pyroparty we give you some indications on how to handle used firecrackers after the Christmas holidays.


First of all: a firecracker is not reused. Although there are firecrackers around you with a half-burning wick, don’t try to do it again. It is a security measure because not doing so can take more than a dislike.

With the used firecrackers, the first thing is to wet them with water. Thus, gunpowder loses its effectiveness and it is much more complicated to turn them on. After this, you should pick them up carefully and take them to the nearest clean point in your city. There they will be responsible for destroying them properly.

Do not try to throw them in the container, whatever. A spark due to friction or the simple accumulation of heat inside can cause its unexpected detonation.

Do you have unused firecrackers? In case you have not spent all the pyrotechnics products that you have bought for the New Year, you can save them for another occasion. Firecrackers and other pyrotechnic elements do not expire if they are maintained correctly. However, you should keep in mind some keys to conserving pyrotechnics if you want them not to spoil.

For example, you should store them in a dry and not too hot place, and never in a metal container. It would also be convenient, if you have children at home, that your firecrackers be in a place inaccessible to them.

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