The small Greek town with a rocket war

Throughout the globe there are many parties where the pyrotechnics is the protagonist Around the world are celebratedfireworks shows large caliber or small scale.

However, today in Pyroparty 
We want to talk about a curious and little known celebration. We are talking about the Easter party in Vrontados,
a small population on the Greek island of Chios.


The Rouketopolemons or rocket war it’s a party that is over 100 years old. This celebration dates from when Greece was under the regime of the Ottoman Empire.

In this curious party, the ancient inhabitants of Vrontados decided organize a fake battle so that the Ottomans did not approach to see what was happening, time that the locals took advantage of tocelebrate the resurrection of Christ.

Another legend states that this party is much older and has no dated start. However,until 1889 guns with gunpowder were used,
but the Ottomans decided to ban its use so that a revolt does not start.

A battle between two churches

Whatever its beginnings, the truth is that it is still a holiday worth seeing and admiring. On this holiday there is a battle 
between the parishes of Panaghia Erithiani and San Marcos
from where their faithful fire rockets.

The objective? Hit the bell of the opposite church. However, the important thing is not who wins or loses (it is never very clear) but how well the inhabitants of this small Greek town have a good time.

It is a celebration that puts the whole town to work during Lent (40 days before Holy Thursday). The rockets are prepared, the security measures on the houses and the churches, some “trenches” from where the artifacts are going to be launched …

Security has become increasingly important in the Rouketopolemons, as every year more tourists go to witness this show. Everything so that in this party there is nothing to regret and much to celebrate.

Here you can see a video where everything that gives of this fun battle is shown.


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