The good use of pyrotechnics in summer

Fireworks and pyrotechnics are potentially dangerous. Not surprisingly they are usually things that explode and we remind you from Pyroparty that the bombs are made basically of the same material.

In pyrotechnics, safety is an essential and primary aspect to consider. If pyrotechnic shows are not carried out with due security, it is almost certain that something can go wrong. Therefore, from our store in Malaga we offer the highest standards and safety measures so you know that our shows are totally reliable. However, many times the fireworks themselves and other pyrotechnic devices are handled by people not specialized or prepared in their summer celebrations.

Now in summer the number of pyrotechnic shows and parties where they are organized increases, as does the number of people who, on their own, organize their own pyrotechnic events. For this reason, in Pyroparty we have set out to create a series of recommendations so that the party does not run out – already, we know that this would not be the most indicated expression – by some misused pyrotechnic devices.


Read the safety instructions

A pyrotechnic device is not a toy. It is an element designed to explode or ignite. Therefore, it is very important that you are well informed of the safety instructions and recommendations made by the manufacturer.

Don’t carry firecrackers in your pockets

Firecrackers explode. Under this law you must take into account not to carry them in pockets or tight areas that can generate friction. In case you missed physics classes, in Pyroparty we remind you that friction produces heat, and it can explode firecrackers. And a pocket is a bad place for one to explode, don’t you think?

Do not use non-approved elements to launch pyrotechnics

We return to physics classes. The combustion of gunpowder generates kinetic energy. This causes, for example, the rockets to fly. If a path is drawn, such as with a tube (as in the case of weapons), the projectile will go in the direction where it can exit. But what if you have nowhere to go or the gap is too small? For the kinetic energy (the force of the explosion) expands in all directions.

With this we want to tell you that it is dangerous to use those empty cans of the summer party to put your firecrackers in order to explode. You also don’t want to do it so that the rocket flies in some direction. Keep in mind that those bottles or other elements are inaccurate and, unless you are a brilliant physicist, you will not know what a firecracker can take that explodes in a bottle. This can cause that structure that contains it to explode like a grenade and generate shrapnel, which is very dangerous.

Be careful where you use pyrotechnics

Summer is a good time to be in the street. For pyrotechnics, it is also better to be away from home. On the other hand, the summer season is a very dry season, so do not even think about lighting a firecracker or a fire near a site with a lot of herbaceous density. Neither do it from a place that has a roof or that the device is going to come across some element. Finally, remember not to use any explosive element near crowds of people.

Pyrotechnics is NOT reused or handled

If you see that a firecracker has not exploded, leave it there for at least thirty minutes. Once that minimum time has passed, try to wet it and throw it away. Never try to turn it on again and don’t even think about modifying it so it can turn on again, it could be very dangerous and offer unexpected results.

Buy approved products

As from Pyroparty we give you these recommendations so that you can enjoy pyrotechnics during your summer holidays, you have to do your homework and be demanding. Always look for products approved by the European Union, which guarantees their quality standards. To do this, you must check that it has the EC type-approval symbol and a four-digit number.

As you have seen, from our store in Malaga we are very committed to safety when using pyrotechnics, and especially in summer, which is where the problems caused by it abound, even generating fires. In Pyroparty we have the greatest security measures and all our products are approved so you can use them with all the tranquility of the world, as long as you follow these tips.

If you want to organize a pyrotechnic show or simply buy firecrackers and 100% safe pyrotechnic devices, you just have to visit our store in Malaga capital or get in touch with us. We will enlighten you in the best way.

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