The decalogue for children to enjoy firecrackers in Malaga this Christmas

One of the most identifying sounds of Christmas is the sound of firecrackers. This technique must always be carried out carefully and with the proper supervision of parents and elders if there are minors nearby. Actually, the pyrotechnics shows are a very entertaining moment for the children of the house, but also for the elderly, remembering how they have fun and now supervising the children of the house.

To make good use of this hobby we must take into account a series of rules to enjoy a family time without scares.


1. First of all, firecrackers must be purchased in authorized stores as is the case in the case of Pyro Party, where we have 10 years of experience in the sector and where we can inform you about any aspect that is related to its good use . Since as helpless as they may seem or because of the small amount of gunpowder it contains, if they are not purchased on authorized channels, risks can be taken in their use. If you want to use firecrackers with children this Christmas, keep this warning in mind.

2. You should always look at the labeling, since the pyrotechnic article must be accompanied by the instructions and the information related to the security written at least in Spanish; Always keep in mind and check that it bears the CE marking.

3. The categorization of firecrackers, flares, rockets, etc. must be taken into account. Since not all pyrotechnics is suitable for any age. These are the ages from which we advise that you can throw firecrackers with children in Malaga, according to the category:

Category 1. Very low danger pyrotechnics items: 12 years

Category 2. Reduced risk: 16 years

Category 3. Medium risk: 18 years

4. Once we have our pyrotechnic material, look for an open place, not very busy, safe and without flammable components around.

5. Pyrotechnics should NEVER begin to be detonated in the hand, this is a basic principle and that we should never forget. It must always be placed on the ground or on some solid and non-flammable surface.

6. Do not detonate firecrackers that are in poor condition, or try with those that could not be detonated on the first attempt.

7. Keep them in a specific place and do not carry them in the pockets of our clothes, since a fortuitous detonation could be very serious.

8. Never put the appliance in a plastic or glass can or container, this could put people near you at serious risk.

9. If any wound occurs as a result of the detonation, wash immediately with cold water, do not apply ice directly on the wound, and dry thoroughly and cover with gauze or dressing. Subsequently, it is advisable to go to the nearest medical center to ensure that the wound does not have a serious condition.

10. It is advised that children’s clothing at the time of throwing firecrackers be as appropriate as possible, such as wearing a long-sleeved cotton T-shirt, long jeans and comfortable and safe shoes with the laces very well tied.

What firecrackers to throw with children in Malaga?

The first thing is to make known which are the safest products to throw firecrackers with children are the classic bombetas, bengalitas or the earthly pyrotechnics.

If you want to buy pyrotechnics in Malaga for the little ones of the family, visit us at C / Alcalde Díaz Zafra 35 (Málaga) and we will advise you on your purchase.

With this decalogue for children to liven up Christmas with the best tips for throwing firecrackers with children in Malaga, we hope you can all enjoy a hobby that we love and moves every year.

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