Pyrotechnics throughout history

It is well known that the ancient Chinese, great inventors, managed to create gunpowder, and with this, fireworks. However, we must travel further back in time to know its secrets.

Gunpowder spreads fast

During the Tang dynasty (s. VII-X), some Chinese alchemist, looking for a kind of philosopher’s stone, mixed sulfur, coal and saltpeter and decided that it was a good idea to put it on fire. Thus, by chance, gunpowder was created. Chinese technicians and craftsmen began to give value to this mixture and created small artifacts and rockets. It began to become so popular that they were no longer used only for religious reasons – it was thought to scare away evil spirits – but extended to all celebrations. Even today in Spain, parties with rockets, firecrackers and fireworks are held to make those bad omens run away, as in the night of San Juan in Malaga.

In 1295, the explorer Marco Polo brought to the West the knowledge about gunpowder from the Chinese, as well as porcelain, pasta, spices … in short, things they don’t do PUM! From there, several schools emerged in Italy and Germany dedicated to Renaissance R&D in pyrotechnics and fireworks.

In the Iberian Peninsula, it was the Arabs who brought the knowledge about gunpowder and its recreational uses (although also military). Since not everything was going to be to use gunpowder at a bad idea, it was already a tradition throughout the peninsular east (the areas of Murcia and the Valencian Community) to celebrate the festivities with huge amounts of fireworks.

Despite this, it is not until the seventeenth century when the pyrotechnics reaches its full splendor – never better said. It is around this time when you start adding components to gunpowder (barium, copper, sodium …) to give color and luminosity.

Time after the American Revolution, at the end of the 18th century, Americans gave a new use to the gunpowder they had accumulated after their war against the English. Thus, the culture of fireworks is deeply rooted in the United States today in all its celebrations.

Pyrotechnics today

Already in the mid-twentieth century, when China became a communist state, it was decided to make pyrotechnics a motor industry in the country. So much so that much of the Chinese population lives today from it, not surprisingly the Asian giant covers 65% of world production.

During the last half of the century, he realized that perhaps leaving things that exploit inexperienced people could be dangerous. Thus, in 1979 the first security protocol in the world of fireworks was born. From then on the fuse should burn a minimum of three seconds and a maximum of nine. After this, the warnings became safety standards.

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