How to photograph pyrotechnics and fireworks

Pyrotechnics is always a wonderful element to watch live, but also to photograph. The light and color offered by a fireworks castle or the magic of the movement of a sparkler are very attractive elements for any photographer.

Many of Pyroparty‘s customers tell us that most of the time, photographs of their parties with fireworks and other artifacts such as sources of cold fire tend to be very dark or excessively clear. Also, sometimes, they assure us that you see little thing … the nightmare of any photographer, not to capture what you want. That is why in this blog post we have decided to give you some keys on how to photograph fireworks and fireworks.


A bit of theory

The first thing you need to know about your camera (whether you have an impressive SLR or just have your mobile phone) is that it has something called exposure time. This time, in which the diaphragm (an element present in all cameras) is kept open. It is like a tap, the longer it is open, the more light will enter. That said, when a camera is set to a higher exposure time (also called shutter speed), it must remain more stable. So you know, try to get a tripod or a friend who has a good pulse to photograph fireworks.

Stability: key to photograph fireworks

Following the analogy of the tap, it is difficult for water to enter the bottle if we are shaking and the nozzle is constantly moving. Well, in the case of photography it is the same. Having a good tripod on hand can help us photograph fireworks in the best way. In the case of being mobile photographers, our solution may reside in 1) placing our mobile at some strategic point, 2) using a selfie stick conveniently or 3) having a special tripod for phones. To fully guarantee the stability of the camera, you must remotely shoot in some way. You can buy one of those remote triggers or simply set the camera timer.

The importance of camera parameters

A camera is, roughly, a device that collects light from a certain point for a set time. As we saw, increasing the time of exposure to light is essential to photograph fireworks. Many cameras, whether reflex or mobile phone, have the default option to photograph fireworks.

  • If your camera is not among them or you prefer to do it manually, you essentially have to worry about two parameters: ISO and exposure. The ISO is an element that regulates the sensitivity to light that enters your camera. You should keep it as low as possible, since with the long exposure (from 5 to 20 seconds) enough light enters.
  • The approach is one of the most difficult aspects to manage the amateur photographer. In this case, you always have to set the focus in manual mode, since the automatic will attempt to set itself at one point.
  • Remove the stabilizer and flash. Both settings will cause your camera to lose quality in the photos. Also, what are these options for if you want to capture a luminous element and your position is already stable? You do not need more.
  • Take all the photos you want, in total, they are free. Since the days of the reels are left behind (except for the foodies in the picture), take all the photos you want and then choose the ones you like best.

Photographing fireworks and other elements of light pyrotechnics is a very fun and artistic activity for any photographer. It is not necessary to wait for your local parties to try your camera. In Pyroparty we offer our luminous pyrotechnics products such as flares, ground effects, fireworks batteries … all so that you can have a great time with our fireworks and you can photograph them as you want. You put creativity and we pyrotechnics!

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