How to organize an economic and spectacular wedding: our 5 mega keys

Weddings are an important outlay of money. Many families cannot afford a body of 500 guests in a luxury location. However, people continue to marry and organize spectacular weddings despite having a tight budget. What’s going on?!

The secret that the bride and groom have never told you: they have seen this article, the one to organize an economic and spectacular wedding. Because at Pyroparty we want that special day for you and your love to also be an incredible day for your guests. And if you don’t have to stay after the treat by washing dishes in the living room, better than better.


Do you have everything thought? Is the wedding in two years and still nothing in mind? In both cases, you have chosen the right blog. In Pyroparty we have a lot of background collaborating in the organization of events and surprise! Weddings are our specialty.

The place to celebrate the wedding

That the luxury downtown hotel is out of budget? What a surprise! Choosing a good place to celebrate the wedding is one of the key factors. It has to be in the middle between pretty and cheap.

A good solution is typical hotels and national hostels in rugged locations (in the middle of the field, let’s go). This gives an added advantage: you will not have to spend a euro on decoration. Mother Nature will take care of it for you.

Does your uncle Ferrol leave you his Galician casoplon to ride the wedding there? The same can even go to accounts. Think carefully and evaluate both possibilities.

The negative part of organizing a wedding in a place far from the city is that the guests will have to look for life to go to the venue. However, you can hire or rent a bus. With everything and with that, it may even be cheaper.

Low season: the ideal time for a wedding to be economical

The low wedding season is between September and April. In the case of Malaga, it is a good idea to organize the link between these dates, since the weather usually accompanies better than in northern Spain.

Also, of course, it is much cheaper to organize a wedding in October than in July, a month marked in red for wedding planners.

In addition to the price, one thing that accompanies is the theme. While in summer, by default, weddings are in enclosed spaces with butt air conditioning, in the off season no one will be disturbed by a wedding outside and will wear white toes for longer.

One of the advantages of planning a wedding in low season is that the decoration can be radically different, so you will have something different to contribute to the guests.

Another tip? Try not to have the wedding on Saturday. As?! Yes, wait and see. Weddings on Friday afternoon or Sunday morning are much cheaper than on the day everyone catches. Because of course, everyone chooses it.

On the other hand, doing it on one of these two days will allow you to save on guests who have to go by commitment. A few less dishes!

What do we do with the guests ?! Less and happier

As we have said, many times we invite without a fool nor are they people we have not seen for centuries. Typical guests by commitment always find the time and occasion to escape.

Make things easier by inviting only family and close friends. Thus reduced the price of the link and you will have an economical wedding but not being able to.

This saving will be both in tables, space, catering and invitations, as well as gifts.

A great idea to detail your wedding guests is to make them manually. Do it yourself is in fashion, and more so if it remains in everyone’s memory.

An incredible and cheap staging

Once you have chosen the site, the date and the guests at your wedding, everything else remains. And if that was not enough! An invisible and grateful way to save at a wedding is to have larger tables. That way you won’t eat your head much when organizing them, and it will allow you to have cheaper centerpieces. Or at least a smaller number of them.

Now we go with them. The centerpieces … what about them. They are useless, most guests do not even notice them and cost a lot, especially if they are flowers. Alternatives? Find cheaper or seasonal flowers, or design your own centerpieces.

And what is around the centerpieces? Exactly, dishes. Escape the exotic and you will succeed. On the one hand, the most delicate guests with food will not leave anything on the plate. On the other, the ingredients will be much cheaper and their preparation too. So you can cut around and have an economic wedding without losing culinary quality.

Another way to quench appetites is to make a cocktail throughout the ceremony and banquet. Thus there will be no tables, centers, plates, etc. Everything will be much more relaxed and informal.

Details and style

Everyone knows that when organizing an event of such caliber, the difference is in the details. One of the funniest ways to differentiate yourself is to have a gift to the most original guests who want to keep. It is not worth the typical photo in a glass with Fulano and Mengana Link. That goes straight to the green container.

If you do not want to give something like that, try to do something original, or make it edible / drinkable. A bottle of wine, a box of chocolates … well, something that can cheer up the party when the sun starts to rise.

One thing that is gaining a lot of ground is the use of sparklers and cold fire fountains for weddings. The latter are an ideal claim and will allow you to show off at the wedding dance. In addition to taking some spectacular photos.

But of course, these things require organization and good management. In Pyroparty we know this, so we are always willing to offer our services for the organization of economic weddings. We will give you the best and tightest budget to fit the initial plan.

If you want to know more about our event organization services, we recommend that you contact us. You can call us at 951 15 19 21, send us a contact form or approach our store on Calle del Alcalde Díaz Zafra, 35, in Malaga city.

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