Where to store pyrotechnic matter

The pyrotechnic material itself has a dangerous component such as gunpowder, so it should be deposited and protected in places where there is no danger. In Pyroparty we are aware that the safety in the use of pyrotechnics is a fundamental factor so that you can pass it off.

In our firecracker shop in Malaga we are very committed to your safety, that’s why we wrote an article about the good use of pyrotechnics. However, apart from using it, you have to know how and where to store the pyrotechnic material so that everyone at home is safe.

Where to keep the pyrotechnic material

  • It is very important that your firecrackers are in a place away from any source of heat. It does not necessarily have to be something that gives off fire, but from the sun’s rays or from a stove. Of course, away from materials and elements that produce a spark such as lighters or matches is essential.


  • Firecrackers are like bread, you have to store them in a cool and dry place. Nothing to leave them outdoors or in a place with high humidity. Otherwise, they would break down and be useless. It can also happen that they become dangerous, since they would generate problems when exploited. If so, if you have a firecracker that has not exploded properly, wait at least thirty minutes and spray it with water.


  • Keep your pyrotechnic material away from flammable material. Bottles, gas cans, paint, paper … are bad companions for rockets and firecrackers bought in Pyroparty.


  • Nothing to store them in metal boxes. The metal conducts heat very well, which can generate an increase in the internal temperature of the box. This implies that we could get an unpleasant surprise.


  • If you have young children at home, take care that the pyrotechnic material is not within your reach. Find a high or hard-to-reach place for the little ones and you will avoid the occasional scare.

How to save our firecrackers and rockets

In our firecracker shop in Malaga we are aware that the handling and storage of these products must be careful. Therefore, we offer the highest guarantee standards and all the certifications required by the European Union.

However, so that you can also handle these artifacts safely, from Pyroparty, your firecracker shop in Malaga, we give you some tips.

  • Be careful where you put the firecracker wick. If it is against a wall or in a bad position it can be damaged, so the firecracker or rocket will lose its effectiveness and become much less safe.


  • It is best to keep them in their original box even if you have spent some. These wrappers are used to minimize the problems generated by their storage, but you have to be careful with the keys that we have given you before.


  • Be careful with moisture. It never hurts to remember. Moisture reduces the effectiveness of gunpowder by rendering your firecrackers useless.


As you can see, in Pyroparty we are very committed to security. Maintaining proper precautions is essential to enjoy a subsequent pyrotechnic show. Therefore, from our firecracker shop in Malaga we are always willing to disseminate recommendations for the use and storage of rockets, firecrackers, and other pyrotechnic items that you can buy in our store in Malaga.

Of course, we lead by example and all our firecrackers, rockets, freckles … are under the seal and certification of the European Union. Thus, our pyrotechnic material complies with the strictest safety standards, all to increase your confidence.

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