Where to buy firecrackers in Malaga?

Christmas is coming and, with it, the worry of where to buy firecrackers in Malaga. The large number of stores in the city, next to the Christmas market stalls, make the choice to acquire pyrotechnic material complicated.

For this reason, in this post we are going to tell you why in Pyroparty you will have all the peace of mind of taking home the best pyrotechnics and at a price of scandal.


In Pyroparty we have been part of the fiestas and events of the people of Malaga for many years. That is why we are delighted to tell you where to buy firecrackers in Malaga. The most pyrofiesteros will know that our pyrotechnics shop in Malaga has a wide catalog and attentive service. But let’s see what differentiates our fireworks store in Malaga from the others:

  • An attention to your needs. Our commitment is your peace of mind. For this reason, in our store in Malaga you will always have the best advice from the experts in events and parties of Pyroparty. So, in case you don’t decide on where to buy firecrackers in Malaga, at Pyroparty we can advise you.
  • The most complete catalog. The new Pyroparty catalog has EVERYTHING. From thunder to flares, through sources of cold fire for special occasions. Thus, you can enjoy, in the same store, a wide range of pyrotechnics products … and much more.
  • Firecrackers of the highest quality. In our store in Malaga we always focus on quality. All our products have passed the strictest exams so you can enjoy with total security.
  • The best price. Our pyrotechnics products always have the best price. The large sales volume of our store allows us to buy in bulk and get the best prices, which means that you will enjoy the cheapest and discounted firecrackers.

Pyroparty is not only your store where you can buy firecrackers in Malaga

Maybe we have already answered your question about where to buy firecrackers in Malaga. However, we not only offer this. We also have a variety of party items, all so that your events are recognized by everyone.

In Pyroparty we sign up for all the parties. For this reason, we also have a service of pyrotechnic shows and costume rental for parties. If you want to know more about these services, you just have to go to our pyrotechnics store in Malaga at Calle del Alcalde Díaz Zafra, 35. Visit us, you will not regret it!

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