What are firework batteries?

Fireworks batteries are one of the options most demanded by Pyroparty customers when they go to our store in Malaga city. Its beauty, simplicity and ability to surprise are the factors that make the most enthusiastic pyrofiesteros choose this product when they come to our premises.

More and more they opt for the fireworks batteries of our catalog for their weddings, birthdays, and other special events. If you do not have any of these celebrations in sight but want to enjoy the best pyrotechnics, go to our firecracker shop in Malaga! In Pyroparty we are specialists in parties and we will help you choose the best for the occasions you choose.


A battery of fireworks is nothing more than a series of rockets and triggers that, strategically positioned, allow a more or less delayed detonation. This allows to create a synchronous effect, so not all rockets or firecrackers would be launched at the same time. Thus, a battery of fireworks is a great explosion of light, color and beauty that will illuminate the sky.

Our fireworks batteries are especially demanded for weddings and similar events, since they allow you to be photographed from an privileged position in an orderly manner. Its mechanism has these retarding methods that make the battery an enjoyment device for everyone, whose duration varies. In Pyroparty we have batteries for fireworks from 10 seconds long to more than one minute.

You also have to take into account the number of rockets or firecrackers the battery counts. By having more or less, the duration of it can vary greatly. Thus, we strongly recommend that you ask about the amount of artifacts it contains. Pyroparty, your firecrackers and fireworks specialist, have an amount that ranges from 16 to more than 300 missiles!

The best batteries in your firecracker shop in Malaga

In Pyroparty we are aware that number matters, but size does too. Our store in Malaga has the best variety of pyrotechnic batteries for your party. From our boxes with 25 missiles to the largest, the Cracker + Sauce and Coconut + Cracker, you can enjoy fireworks batteries suitable for all budgets and needs.

Thus, we also have products adapted to the ages and requirements of the pyrofiesteros. This also moves to our batteries, since we have class I, II and III devices. This allows our fireworks batteries to be used in all kinds of events and celebrations, regardless of space.

If you also want to be part of the great club of pyrofiesteros, do not miss our batteries. As we have seen, your party can have a special color and a big gold brooch with our most desired products. So, if you want to have fireworks batteries at your party, come to our firecracker shop in Malaga and choose the catalog. You will be dazzled.

Do you want someone to do it for you? In Pyroparty we are expert organizers of parties and pyrotechnic shows, so you can always count on us to perform the most impressive fireworks castles. You just have to contact us and we will advise you on everything.

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