Three fun alternatives to receive the bride and groom at a wedding

The departure from the church or the courthouse is one of the most anticipated moments for the bride and groom and the guests. You are part of a wedding like the one or the other, surely you are tired of the typical throwing confetti, petals or the classic rice (which by the way is increasingly prohibited by the authorities).


In Pyroparty we are always advocating the R&D of the party. For this reason, we believe that being original is one of the best ways for a wedding to be remembered by the guests. Because there is nothing more special than, with the passage of time, someone remembers how well he had a good time at the invitation of someone who invited him by commitment.


The Pyroparty team usually receives many orders for wedding planning. Fireworks, balloons … we always seek to make a design and a special event. If you also want a wedding with some pyrotechnics, we recommend that you read this article carefully. We are going to propose three alternatives for your guests to receive the bride and groom of a wedding.

1. Flares

The flares are ideal for a great reception, toast, arrival at the banquet … everything you deem. With these small artifacts you can create a magical atmosphere at any time, and more if all your guests have one at hand.

Imagine arriving at the treat or leaving the church while everyone is holding a white or colored sparkler. There will be a magical moment worthy of immortalizing.

Of course, keep in mind that many flares have a very limited duration and can be difficult to light. For this reason, it is necessary that one of the most committed guests supervises that everyone turns on theirs correctly and at the right time.

2. Colored ribbons

In the purest style of rhythmic gymnastics. A tie of colors tied to a stick is one of the most fun, original and colorful ways to receive or jelly the bride and groom of a wedding.

Although they can be purchased at many sites, the best way to present them is by making them yourself. This way you will have personalized ties and that nobody will forget. Some will even keep it as a souvenir.

3. Fluorescent sticks

Is your wedding in the evening? Do you want to leave them all hallucinated? Tired of the same at all weddings? Then the fluorescent sticks is your solution. With them you will have spectacular photos, hilarious and with a futuristic festive atmosphere of the most original.

One of the advantages of these gadgets is that they can take many forms. Glasses, ties, fake mustaches … everything you can imagine to make yours the most fun wedding.

In Pyroparty we know that organizing a wedding is not easy. It takes time, requires a strong investment … for that reason, our mission is to make it easier for the bride and groom to organize these events.

Through our organization of pyrotechnic shows for weddings and management of the playful part of these events, we will create a unique and spectacular atmosphere for your wedding.

If you want to know more about our way of working or you need a budget for your wedding, you just have to contact us. Call us at 951 15 19 21 or come to our store in Malaga, on Calle del Mayor Díaz Zafra, 35.

You will have a spectacular wedding and with the guarantee of the support of a company with experience in the sector.

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