This Halloween, give death scares with our firecrackers and thunder

Nothing will be here Halloween. A night of terror, cobwebs, skeletons, blood … and fun. Above all a lot of fun. In Pyroparty we don’t want to miss the party (in fact, we love it!), So we want to give you ideas to make your Halloween night as scary fun as possible.

Have a great time (never better) with everything we can offer you in Pyroparty. Your Halloween night will never be more fun with the firecrackers we have in our store in Malaga. The scares on the night of October 31 will be the order of the day, so what better than to give them to receive them!

In Pyroparty we are experts in parties. Whether we are part of the organization of events or not, we want to be in all. We don’t miss one! For this reason, we suggest you count on us to buy your thunder and firecrackers in Malaga.


With the products of Pyroparty, your firecracker shop in Malaga, the scare is assured. Our firecrackers “will take the hiccups” to your friends with their power and noise. And what about our thunder and the noise they produce? With them you will generate real fear.

In Pyroparty we believe that the fun with pyrotechnics in Malaga should be for “all audiences”. For this reason, we offer products for Halloween of categories I, II and III. If you don’t know which one suits your age, we’ve written an article so you know more about the pyrotechnics categories.

From our mini pumps to the impressive TNT, everyone can enjoy the fun moments with Pyroparty products pyrotechnics.

Much more than firecrackers for your Halloween party

We must recognize that the most pyrofiesteros enjoy our products. Since not only do firecrackers and thunder live man, we believe it is important to offer other products, but all in the line of ensuring fun for Halloween. Think of a great night with flares or sources of cold fire, you can get a scary effect with a good decoration.

Are you going to be disguised as a scary villain? Why not use a smoke ball to make a scary appearance? You will be the soul of your party! We also have another large number of interesting products to make your Halloween party the best of all. You just need our pyrotechnics and a lot of imagination.

However, so that your Halloween night is not really scary, you must be careful with the handling of pyrotechnics. In our blog we have created articles on where to store pyrotechnic material and also how to use it safely. Everything so you can enjoy your party to the fullest.

Do you need more info? Do you have any ideas but do not know how to carry it out? Do you want your most amazing Halloween party? Contact us or visit our firecracker shop in Malaga, on Calle del Mayor Díaz Zafra, 35. We have years of experience in organizing parties and events, so we can help you in every way possible to make your party the most terrifying and special of all. Know us!

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