The best firecrackers for New Year’s Eve and New Year

Nochevieja petardos

The night of December 31 is very special for everyone. The change to the new year brings exciting projects that begin, wishes and purposes that we want to fulfill, etc. However, there is something that will never change for many years to pass: our desire to have fun.

For this reason, in Pyroparty we want your parties to be the best and the most fun. To help you we have created this article. With our firecrackers, thunder and other products from our store, you will have an immense amount of things to choose from.


In our firecracker shop in Malaga you will find everything you were looking for. Be it powerful thunder, beautiful flares or spectacular batteries, you’ll have what you need.

Pyroparty, a leading pyrotechnics shop in Malaga, can offer you what you are looking for. We have firecrackers of all categories, from I to III, so that everyone in your family can enjoy the best fireworks in Malaga.

If you don’t just want to explode firecrackers, we have many party accessories. You can have a great time with our firecrackers for cigars or confetti cannons, an absolutely fun way to celebrate the entrance to 2018.

In our party products you can find everything. Whether you want to decorate your house for New Year, or buy cotillion bags, in Pyroparty we have it. As we have already said, we are party enthusiasts, so we know what you need.

In any case, remember to use our products wisely. There are certain precautions that you must follow so that no incident occurs when you use firecrackers in Malaga. Spend a very fun and partying New Year but, yes, always respecting the security measures that we propose in Pyroparty.

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