The 7 keys to make an original and cheap wedding in Malaga

Although we are at the beginning of the year, you are already thinking about how to have everything perfect for your big day, the day of your wedding. Whether it’s spring or the last bars of autumn, you’ll want to have everything ready for one of the most unique moments of your life.

In Pyroparty we want your wedding to be the memory of all your guests. For this reason, we have thought to give you these ideas to make your party and wedding banquet the most original and spectacular of all, and cheaply.


One of the key points to make an original wedding in Malaga is to know how much money you have. Although taking your guests to Indonesia and celebrating your wedding there by the local rite is novel, you may be out of budget.

Personal and non-transferable

There is nothing like a good personalized invitation letter so your guests are more than grateful. Making an invitation by hand may sound crazy, but perhaps with a little help and patience (much patience) you will get a spectacular and striking result. And best of all: at a very affordable price.

I want to dance all night!

The moment of the dance is obligatory in any wedding. However, your guests will be tired of wearing all those annoying dress shoes and 12 cm heels all day.

Tell them to abandon the formality of the event and distribute good and comfortable shoes so they can dance as they deserve. To move the skeleton!

Let the little ones have a great time

At weddings, normally, nobody thinks about children. Do not think of them as companions to their parents but of guests with their own needs and tastes. For this reason, having an ideal plan for them is key to making your wedding special.

Including a set of paintings or markers with notebooks or hiring a service of children’s entertainers and costume rental, such as the one we have in Pyroparty, will make children enjoy even more than adults.

The bridal dance, better with cold fire

One of the most original and cheap ways to celebrate your wedding in Malaga is to have the Pyroparty team and its sources of cold fire for weddings. Imagine: all pending the bridal dance and when the music begins to play, an incredible display of light and color that flows from the sources of cold fire. Awesome.

The sources of cold fire are also ideal for closed spaces, since they do not generate smoke nor are they dangerous at all. In any case, consult the room about its availability.

The coolest welcome pack

Do you remember when you were giving us a cone with goodies when you were little? Don’t leave that tradition behind! A small basket with chocolates, candies, etc. It will make your wedding a little sweeter.

Also, do not leave behind the opportunity to include a party bag for your wedding, your guests will have a great time. Also, if you want a different and original result for your wedding in Malaga, try to include cardboard cones with confetti or petals inside so that your guests throw you when you pass. You will see the result!

Night wedding? The moment to illuminate the night

Lately, night banquets are very fashionable. Why? They offer many possibilities for the bride and groom to do original and cheap things for weddings. For example, a very important option is to buy flying lanterns and let them fly right at the moment of a kiss.

Another great option is to set up pyrotechnic shows for weddings, a great idea to make your wedding something amazing.

The informal is in fashion

Gone are the weddings that looked like business congresses. Formality and nuptial seriousness have no place today. Making a fun wedding is one of the keys for everyone to have a good time and remember your marriage with love.

There are many options here: from changing the typical banquet to a free buffet to incorporating a car with goodies that will delight the sweet tooth.

In Pyroparty we know that celebrating and organizing an original and cheap wedding is a delicate matter and that it will give you more of a headache. For this reason, we put at your disposal all our experience in parties so that your wedding goes as you wish.

If you want to have Pyroparty at your wedding, you just have to go to our store in Malaga, on Calle del Mayor Díaz Zafra, 35, or call us at 951 15 19 21 so we can assist you.

And long live the bride and groom!

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