Pyrotence and its categories

Knowing the category of pyrotechnic items is essential to understand what to buy for each occasion. The categorization of firecrackers and fireworks is based on their danger. An approximate knowledge of these categories can avoid some fright. For this reason, from Pyroparty we want this article in our blog to extend that knowledge about pyrotechnics.

The Ministry of Interior and the European Union make several distinctions in terms of pyrotechnics categories. On the one hand, it must be understood that not all pyrotechnics is used for all events, and that there is one that must be handled by qualified personnel.

In this article we want to as closely as possible ascribe to what is described in Royal Decree 989/2015, on the Regulation of pyrotechnic articles and cartridges. Don’t panic, we won’t make you read it. You better see the summary we give you below. Prepared?


The Ministry recognizes several formats of pyrotechnic elements based on their power and usefulness. For this reason, the general population only has access to three of the categories that we will mention below. On the other hand, the rest has a limitation attached to several professional sectors, more qualified to handle pyrotechnic elements.

F categories

The pyrotechnic elements associated with category F are those used in pyrotechnic shows. Whether professional or homemade, these firecrackers and fireworks are intended for entertainment.

  • Category F1: These are pyrotechnic devices considered by the Ministry of “low danger”. So much so, that it is allowed to use them in enclosed areas and enclosures such as premises or houses. Their danger and noise level is so low that these firecrackers can be bought and handled for over 12 years. Do you want to know the Category 1 pyrotechnics that we have in our firecracker shop in Malaga? Visit our store to know more about bombs, flares, mini sources …


  • Category F2: This category of firecrackers includes more powerful devices than those of Category F1, although they are still of low noise and danger. However, they must be turned on in open places and with a minimum safety distance of 8 meters. In Pyroparty we have a wide range of firecrackers of category F2, which can be bought by those over 16 years.


  • Category F3: These are the most spectacular and noisy firecrackers and fireworks that can be used by unskilled personnel. You just need to be 18 years old and really want to see a great show. These fireworks are cataloged of medium danger, so they have to be used in a wide field and without elements that interfere with detonation.


  • Category F4: This category already includes all the fireworks used by pyrotechnics professionals. Those called by the Ministry of Interior as “pyrotechnic devices for professional use” can only be purchased and handled by experts. However, you can also enjoy a great pyrotechnic show with the professional Pyroparty team. What idea have you got? Tell us on our form!

T categories

These are those fireworks and pyrotechnics material of more professional use, dedicated to theaters (hence the T, indeed). Among them we can distinguish those of category T1 (which can be used by actors) or those of T2. The latter, like the F4, can only be used by experts.

Category P

This category of pyrotechnics is a kind of tailor’s drawer of artifacts. Category P1 includes everything that does not enter the F or T taxonomies and has low danger. And the P2 Category? Exactly, they are those elements that can only be used by experts. Elements in the manufacturing process and anti-hail rockets are also included.

Finally, there is also a category for explosive, limousine, sound items… that are used in the Navy.

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