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Pyrotechnics on Valentine’s Day: the best to light the fuse of our relationship

Pyrotechnics is an indispensable element in many parties. Carnival, New Year, those celebrated by different countries … each one makes incredible use of firecrackers, thunder and flares from the pyrotechnic stores.

However, it is worth mentioning one of the most intimate and the most romantic of all. We’re talking, of course, about Valentine. Every February 14, Cupid takes his bow for a walk and dazzles the lovers. That is why, in Pyroparty we have a rule: we must celebrate what deserves to be celebrated. And for that reason, we love to celebrate that party.


If what you need is to “light the fuse” in your relationship, there is nothing better than the pyrotechnic devices we have in Pyroparty.

Our wide range of firecrackers and other pyrotechnics products will delight any lover and fan of our firecrackers, thunder, etc. You will have a spectacular and totally different February 14th from what you had done so far.

Surprise your partner fan of pyrotechnics with the sources of cold fire that we have in Pyroparty. As they can be used indoors without any problem, they are ideal for an intimate, romantic and spectacular surprise.

A most spectacular February 14

In Pyroparty we are aware that love is like a fireworks castle. For this reason, and to help you maintain that love, we offer our services to set up pyrotechnic shows.

You just have to call us at 951 151 921 or visit our store, in Calle del Alcalde Díaz Zafra. We can advise you and recommend the pyrotechnic elements that will please your partner.

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