Pyroparty: your pyrotechnics shop in Malaga

Although they are made and designed for leisure, firecrackers and rockets are very serious. That is why you need a serious, quality and reliable supplier. That’s why you need Pyroparty. We provide a different service, with personalized attention and offer the highest quality products at the best prices.

In our firecracker shop in Malaga you will find a wide variety of rockets, fountains, freckles … at the best price and always with the EU quality seal. In addition, in Pyroparty we have highly qualified staff that can advise you on everything you need, so you don’t miss anything about pyrotechnics.


In Pyroparty we are an experienced team with several years in the pyrotechnics sector in Malaga. Our strong point is the high attention to our customers, who feel at home when they visit our firecracker shop. So, we offer advice at your parties, we propose ideas to create unique moments.

Our pyrotechnics shop is located on Calle del Alcalde Díaz Zafra, very close to Ortega y Gasset Avenue, as well as the San Rafael Road. Our customers even come from other towns to take advantage of the offers we have in our firecracker shop in Malaga.

Pyrotechnics available to everyone

In our pyrotechnics shop in Malaga we have a wide range of products of all categories. In Pyroparty we also have products for all tastes. In this article we give you some examples:

  • Thunder: Thunder is one of the most demanded classes by Pyroparty customers. The noise is always tremendously attractive to pyrofiesteros, so our warehouse is always full of these products to meet the most “explosive” needs of our customers. Want to know more about thunder? In our store you will find the entire catalog of these products.
  • Rockets: Another classic. Our rockets are, without a doubt, one of the most beloved products by the customers of our pyrotechnics shop. These artifacts rise to different alura and illuminate the night and generate a final burst. Do not miss all the rockets we have in the catalog.
  • Sources of cold fire: This is one of the star products, since right now everyone wants to have one in their celebrations. As we indicated in another article, the sources of cold fire are a great ally to give you the magic and style that this special event needs. Have you thought about putting cold fire fountains at your wedding? They are an ideal complement to those celebrations, which will make the bridal dance a magical moment and remembered by all.

These are just some of the products we offer at Pyroparty. However, it would be impossible to describe them all. This is because we have a huge variety of pyrotechnics products, all of them of high quality.

Not only with pyrotechnics does the man have fun

In Pyroparty we always want to offer the best service to our customers. Therefore, we also offer to participate in their parties and make them much more memorable and interesting. We perform all kinds of pyrotechnic shows and arrangements with balloons, fountains, etc. so that your birthday, wedding, etc. Be a unique day.

Our pyrotechnic shows will make your events special moments that will be marked in your memory and that of your guests. Do you want to know more about this service? Contact us at or call us at 951 151 921.

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