Precautions to use firecrackers in Malaga at Christmas

It never hurts to remember that we must be cautious when using firecrackers and fireworks in Malaga. In Pyroparty we recognize the teaching work we must provide, for the safe use of pyrotechnics this Christmas. Even if you keep reading, remember the maxim of “pyrotechnics and irresponsibility are never compatible”.


To use pyrotechnics in Malaga safely, the first thing we have to remember is that a firecracker is not a toy. Using it irresponsibly is always a risk. Therefore, our recreational activity with firecrackers must be supervised by an adult.

  • Always use approved elements. Holding a rocket with a stick, putting a firecracker inside a can or something similar, is a risk that is not worth taking. To use firecrackers correctly, you must always check that the product has all the certificates.
  • Do not use them in residential areas. Apart from the security risk that this entails, the City Council has forbidden since last year to launch firecrackers and pyrotechnics in Malaga within 300 meters of residential areas.
  • Do not carry firecrackers or pyrotechnics in your pockets. For your own safety, it is one of the most obvious recommendations. Any contact or friction can lead to disgust and nobody likes to spend Christmas with a burn (or worse).
  • Store pyrotechnics in a suitable place. Always be careful when locating pyrotechnics, always do it in a dry place and away from fire.

Fun and security are supported

The use of pyrotechnics is often associated with irresponsibility. In Pyroparty we break a spear for those who use pyrotechnic devices safely. Therefore, all the safety recommendations we make are few.

Also, together with safety recommendations, you must pay special attention to the Categories that have the material you buy in our firecracker shop in Malaga. These, divided by age groups, are appropriate for each group. Of course, we always recommend that pyrotechnics be used under adult supervision.

Christmas is a time of fun, friends and family. Pyrotechnics increases that enjoyment and is a product as typical as seafood or grapes for chimes. For this reason, we want you to have a merry Christmas using pyrotechnics without any problem.

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