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Flares in Malaga, the trend in fashion pyrotechnics

The flares are a pyrotechnics product of the most fun and widely used in recent years for all kinds of events. Normally used for the night of San Juan, many of the pyrofiesteros decide to buy flares in Malaga for weddings and communions.

What a celebration does not deserve a good pyrotechnic show! And the flares are perfect for those who panic with firecrackers and rockets and just want to enjoy the light show it offers.


The flares date from approximately mid-seventh century when they were developed by the alchemist Callinicos de Heliópolis. These, unfortunately, had warlike ends. Today they are used for fun and the effects of light and color they have.

Technology has allowed people to buy cheap flares of many types, duration and effects. In PyroParty, who are passionate about flares, we will describe the types of these that we can find in the market.

Soccer sparklers

Football flares are widely used by fans to cheer their teams. The ones we have in PyroParty have a duration of two minutes and are red football flares, so you can put all the passion of your team.

Colored flares

Colored flares are the best known and used. It is not for less, since they give that special light that many will want in their outdoor dinners. They produce light effects of different color when lit, such as our Colored flares.

Multicolored sparklers

If we have told you before about those that have colors, these are the ones that give a light show of various colors. A beauty worth admiring, and above at the best price.

¿Examples? Our Color Waterfall product, one of the most demanded.

Long lasting flares

Long-lasting paraffin flares are one of the most used pyrotechnics products in PyroParty. These torches last up to 90 minutes, so they are ideal to liven up events or to take out your most photographic side.

Do you need to buy flares but don’t know where to do it? Can’t you think of what kind to buy? Do not worry! In PyroParty we can help you choose the flares and products that best suit your party. We have many years of experience in the sector, so with us, you will be sure. If you want to come to our pyrotechnics store in Malaga, you just have to go to Calle del Alcalde Díaz Zafra, 35.

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