Fireworks for your events in Malaga

In Pyroparty we are always looking for a party to cheer up. Our passion is to make your events the most spectacular and fun to remember. Not in vain we have made this our profession, and we have been offering fireworks shows for your events in Malaga for several years now.


Rocket, thunder, freckles, sources of cold fire … in our pyrotechnics shop in Malaga we have a lot of products to liven up your parties. However, it is not the only thing we do to make your party incredible.

We also have a lot of experience in the world of organizing fireworks castles for your events in Malaga. Weddings, communions, parties… make your party a special occasion that everyone remembers. Leave your guests with their mouths open thanks to our planning and management of fireworks castles in Malaga.

In Pyroparty we have years of experience in the sector, so the success of your event is assured. Do you have a party idea? We take care of everything. From placing balloons to preparing fireworks for your events in Malaga, we will have what you tell us to make your party a unique moment.

Is your event celebrated with children? Let the kids have a great time thanks to our costume rental service. They will be able to meet their favorite characters closely.

Security, commitment and fun

Trust our team. In Pyroparty we have many years of experience in creating and controlling pyrotechnic shows. You will have the assurance that everything goes properly in your event. Thus, you only have to worry about enjoying the best fireworks show in Malaga with your family.

We want to make your party the best, so we are committed to commitment and seriousness when making your event something unique. Whether at a wedding, a birthday or a barbecue. We will create the best atmosphere with our fireworks castles for parties.

If you want to have the best party, get in touch with the Pyroparty team. We will give you a budget tailored to your needs, always taking care that your event is remembered by your guests.

You can also go to our store on Calle del Mayor Díaz Zafra, 35, or call us at 951 15 19 21. We will try to make your event one that stays in the memory of your guests.

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