Cheap firecrackers in Malaga: Mission possible

Nowadays it is possible to find cheap firecracker shops in Malaga. Thanks to Pyroparty, your pyrotechnics shop, you can buy cheap firecrackers. Our extensive experience in the sector of pyrotechnics, party articles and event organization has positioned us as a leading company in the sector.

An optimal service, combined with the best supplier agreements, will help you buy cheap firecrackers in Malaga. We offer the best prices, the most adjusted. This is because we want our customers to have at our disposal our wide range of products at the best price.


In Pyroparty we want to make your parties as fun as possible. For this reason, our firecrackers, thunder, freckles … are at the best market price. We also have the best variety of pyrotechnics products, all so that the most pyrofiesteros have a great time with the products we offer in our pyrotechnics store in Malaga.

We offer cheap firecrackers of all categories, so that people from the age of twelve can enjoy the entire Pyroparty catalog. Thus, all your parties can have our firecrackers so you can enjoy the most with a light show and pyrotechnic noise.

However, we don’t just stay in cheap firecrackers. We also want to offer other elements of pyrotechnics at the best price, such as bombs, thunder, sources of cold fire, etc.

Much more than cheap firecrackers in Malaga

Although the sale of firecrackers is one of our most demanded services, we also have other benefits in our store. We have a large number of party items, as well as a service for organizing parties and pyrotechnic shows.

Thus, in Pyroparty we give an integral service to your party. Do you want us to help you? Head over to our store in Calle del Alcalde Díaz Zafra, 35, in Malaga city, and we will advise you as much as possible. Without commitment, you choose what you want to buy and where. In Pyroparty we believe that your trust is the fundamental element.

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