Black friday arrives in Pyroparty!

Black Friday is approaching, and with it, everyone prepares their credit cards to disburse money by taking advantage of the great sales of this day. This day, which has already become a tradition in Malaga, is one of the stores with the highest sales.

In Pyroparty we have not wanted to be less, so we offer you a discount to buy our products. We want your Black Friday to be the most colorful of all with our offer in pyrotechnic items.


We want you to enjoy the pyrotechnics in Malaga at the best price. Therefore, for Black Friday we want to offer you a 15% offer if you buy more than 20 euros in pyrotechnics. Pyroparty’s philosophy is that you enjoy our pyrotechnics to the fullest at the best price. And what better than offering a great discount to the most pyrofiesteros?

With this 15% discount on purchases over 20 euros you can make your party the most colorful – or the most thunderous, you choose – at the best price. Enjoy our cheap firecrackers in Malaga and create the best party. Remember that in Pyroparty we are experts in event organization, so we can advise you so that your party is remembered by everyone.

Buy pyrotechnics on Black Friday: the best option

Traditionally, Black Friday has been used to advance Christmas shopping. In Pyroparty we also suggest that you take advantage of our great discount in pyrotechnics and do your Christmas shopping on November 24.

Although at this point there is a month left for Christmas, many take advantage of Black Friday, next November 24, to buy gifts and other items for these holidays. And what is more Christmas than good fireworks to celebrate those days so marked?

For this reason, in Pyroparty we decided to launch this offer in pyrotechnics of 15%. So you can enjoy Christmas in the most pyrofiestera way. Although if you are going to keep them until then, remember to take into account our advice on where to store firecrackers and other pyrotechnic material. This will avoid unnecessary scares.

Despite this, there is a month left for Christmas. Can you resist using all the rockets, firecrackers, flares … you buy in Pyroparty with our great discount of 15%? If you don’t do it, don’t worry! You can always return to our firecracker shop in Malaga to buy pyrotechnics at the best prices.

Remember that in our firecracker shop in Malaga you will have all the facilities to buy pyrotechnics. Our team will advise you on what you need for your party, even advise you on what to buy. In Pyroparty we believe that closeness and friendly treatment are always a good introduction, and more so if there are so many products to choose from, as in our store. You just have to visit us on Calle del Mayor Díaz Zafra, 35, in the capital of Malaga.

And remember: take advantage of our 15% discount on Black Friday on purchases over 20 euros in pyrotechnics.

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