Birthdays, better with pyrotechnics

It may be the cold of winter or Christmas holidays. The fact is that nine months after December or January, many people are usually born. So much so that September becomes the month with more births of all. As the month with more births is already here, and therefore with more birthdays, in Pyroparty we want to give you some recommendations.

In this post we wanted to anticipate those birthdays, whether for kids or adults, you will have to attend. And it’s ugly to do it without a gift. And even uglier than giving away money or the classic cologne pack and supermarket deodorant. In Pyroparty we recommend you to “make more noise” at the party with our products. The rockets and firecrackers of our store in Malaga will make your birthday or that of your friends an unforgettable date that you want to repeat.

Our fireworks shop in Malaga has all kinds of flares, firecrackers, rockets … all so that you and your friends turn years with a pyrotechnic show as your age deserves, no matter if you have just reached the age of majority or the date of retirement.


Pyroparty products can be used at any date of the year. However, in celebrations such as weddings or birthdays, it is an ideal show to accompany these events. Therefore, in your fireworks shop in Malaga we are specialists on dates so marked for you and yours.

From bombers to rockets, through freckles, we offer all kinds of products for you to have a great birthday with fireworks. If you still do not know what to give or what to include in your party, in Pyroparty we recommend our batteries and lots of products, so you do not miss anything that your fireworks shop in Malaga can offer you.

Not only rockets and firecrackers

In Pyroparty we are aware that not everyone likes the sound and color of pyrotechnics. Therefore, we offer a wide range of party products (confetti, balloons, party bags …). More and more people join the Pyroparty family by buying flying lanterns for their birthdays at our fireworks shop in Malaga. These flying lanterns, many say, enforce the wishes of those who throw them. Thus, turning on one of these becomes a unique experience at night birthdays, filling the sky with color and illusions.

If with planning a birthday party with pyrotechnics yourself it seems very complicated, or you just don’t want to, in Pyroparty, your fireworks shop in Malaga has the solution. We are experts in conducting pyrotechnic shows and balloon decorations, all so you don’t have to worry about anything at that birthday party you’ve been planning for so long.

If you want to know more about our products or see what we offer, contact us. We offer a personalized and careful attention to advise you on everything you need. If you need it, call us at 34 951 151 921 or send us this contact form, without obligation. We are also available in our fireworks shop in Malaga, at C / Alcalde Díaz Zafra 35. Visit us and discover everything Pyroparty can offer to your birthday party!

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