10 cheap firecrackers for less than 10 euros worth trying

Finding cheap firecrackers in Malaga is already possible thanks to Pyroparty. However, many are afraid to buy pyrotechnics at these prices, as they are scared by the quality of them.


The first thing you need to know when buying firecrackers in Pyroparty is that all our pyrotechnics products are approved and pass the strictest controls in the European Union. Whether cheap firecrackers or their price appears as higher, all are of exceptional quality.

That said, it is true that there are some with more spectacular results than others. In Pyroparty we want you to always make the best purchase. For this reason, we want to indicate the 10 best firecrackers for less than 10 euros so that your party is the most spectacular of all.

1. Zombies (€ 4.99)

The Zombies are one of the most purchased cheap firecrackers in our pyrotechnics shop in Malaga, and rightly so! For only € 4.99 you take a box with 20 of these artifacts that detonate in a loud explosion.

Fun guaranteed with high decibels.

2. Firecrackers for cigars and cigars (€ 1)

The smokers of your party do not stop smoke wherever they go? Give them a little warning with our fun firecrackers for cigarettes and cigars. Of course, record the moment, you will not waste!

3. Super Aquatic (€ 3.99)

For an underwater explosion there is nothing better than our Super Aquatic firecrackers. With a wick style they are waterproof, so make sure you buy “waterproof” and deeply fun firecrackers.

For the € 3.99 the box costs, you get 10 units of these firecrackers so fun and versatile.

4. Bombers (from € 1)

Bombers are the epitome of cheap firecrackers. From € 1 you can enjoy a box of these small pyrotechnic wonders, which explode when thrown to the ground.

As they are Category I firecrackers, they can be used by people from 12 years old. Perfect for the smallest pyrofiesteros.

Our pump boxes differ in quantity (from 50 to 150), in price (from € 1 to € 5) and in pump size, but never in safety or fun.

5. Bullets (from € 2)

Sit in the American West or in an action movie with our Bullets. These firecrackers are cheap and have a characteristic sound, very similar to that of a shot. From € 2 for a box of four units you can fully enjoy these firecrackers.

Are you wanting more? You can always buy our savings package of three boxes for only € 5. A unique opportunity to enjoy these thunder detonation with dry noise.

6. Traca Super 160 Eagles (€ 4.99)

The Traca Super 160 Águilas has everything you are looking for in a good traca: good price, unsurpassed quality and guaranteed fun. As a good traffic, it produces a chain reaction that causes its HUNDRED AND HUNDRED PETARDS to explode continuously.

Take advantage of the offer for € 4.99 and enjoy the best Valencian roar with our Traca Super 160 Águilas.

7. Dynamite Thunder (€ 2.98)

Dynamite Thunder will make you feel like Gold Rush. They are fun, give a light effect, a whistle and then … boom! A thunder-like roar that will delight any pyrofiestero.

This combination of effects makes us place Dynamite Thunder and its boxes of 5 units for € 2.98 in this article of best cheap firecrackers for less than 10 euros.

8. Parachute (€ 3.20)

Oh, the Parachutes … Never has such a small thing accumulated so much pyrotechnic fun, especially for those who enjoy flying and light effects.

Our Parachutes, which are sold in boxes of two, fly very high in the sky before exploding. However, not happy with that, they also release a real parachute when detonated, with strong red and green lights.

A small and beautiful show for only € 3.20. They are worth it.

9. X-Terminator (€ 5.95)

These thunder, only suitable for the most pyrofiesteros, are ideal to give the chupinazo to any party that deserves to be worthy of its presence. When they light up, they generate a very loud whistle, but that’s only in the beginning. They continue with a flame of color, which indicates that soon they will cause a great and fabulous rumble.

The box of our X-Terminator contains 10 units, so you will have many chances to feel all the excitement they provide. And for less than € 6 you take them home … what a great deal!

10. Champion Nº 3 (€ 9’99)

The best selling thunders are often the loudest and funniest. This is the case of our Champion No. 3, true champions in rolling it up and giving an unparalleled roar. In short, this box of 20 thunder will place you on the podium of the pyrofiesteros. And all for € 9’99, a real bargain.

And for only € 1 more …

Only for 1 euro more than what our Champion No. 3 cost you get a box with 6 of our Che Q Tro, the most powerful thunder sold to the public. These firecrackers, not as cheap as the others, are the ideal complement for any pyrofiestero, since they have the maximum load authorized by the Government.

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